5 Different Ways to Organize your Guestbook

Online reviews can be extremely important in order to gain new reservations and to attract potential travelers. While guests rely on variety of factors when booking accommodations, one cannot discount the value of the review system.  Instead of relying solely upon electronic reviews, try leaving a physical guestbook in your rental.  This may encourage those guests who are less inclined to leave reviews in the first place. If the idea of a traditional guestbook bores you, then here are several unique ideas to try instead.


Chalkboard messages

Do you have an empty space in your home that never seems to look right? Try converting it into a message wall by painting it with chalkboard paint and encouraging guests to draw or write about their favorite spots in your hometown. This can also double as your “Welcome Wall” where you can leave personalized messages for your guests, too.

Tip: If the idea of cleaning chalk and dust from the wall and floor frightens you, then try chalk pens (can be found at craft stores).


Ask guests prior to their arrival to bring postcards from their hometown so they can write personalized messages to leave with you after their reservation is complete. Create a scrapbook or display them like a banner. Leave a few random cards for guests who forget but still want to participate.

Globe guest book

I love the idea of using an old-fashioned globe for guests to mark their country of origin. Provide push pins, markers, or Post-It flags for guests to use. If you host travelers from around the world, then this is a great idea for you!


Create a fill-in-the-blank page where guests can describe themselves, travel plans, and favorite part about staying in your home. Collect all the answers and display them in a fun guestbook that will spark guests' curiosity and gain their attention.  You could even add a separate page for suggestions and additional feedback to improve your listing.  

Dictionary (what is that?!)

Using an old-fashioned dictionary as a guestbook is the newest trend for weddings, so why not use the idea for your rental? Ask guests to circle the best word to describe their experience in your home and provide colored pens for them to write a personalized message on the dictionary page.

Tip: provide a separate page where guests can write down which word they chose so you don’t spend hours searching through the dictionary for their descriptor.

Photo by Aaron Burden

Photo by Aaron Burden

Need more inspiration? Try Pinterest for other unique ideas.  

Asking for feedback can be a gentle reminder to guests that your listing relies on reviews in order to generate new referrals and revenue.  I even ask guests to use my hashtag, #beherguest, when posting their travel pics on social media. Feel free to share your personal ideas about your guestbooks below in the comments.