Helpful Hints to Summer-ize Your AirBnb


Ah, summertime…those 90 days (for us in the northeast) where we can kick back and finally enjoy the weekend BBQ and a glass of wine on the porch. Luckily, this also means tons of travel and business for your AirBnb especially if you live in a tourist area. As we celebrate the official start of summer, here are a few cleaning and maintenance tips to help you summer-ize your home before those guests arrive.

Grill cleaning

If you’ve been lazy on the upkeep, then read these tips from HGTV on how to make your grill spotless again. Not to sound like a parent, but it really is easier to maintain if you clean it after every use. Or you could just avoid large messes altogether and cook with foil! 

Pool passes 

Consider providing guest passes to your local pool or water spot. Make sure you are knowledgeable of rules and hours of operation. 

Air conditioning maintenance

As a recent victim of an air-conditioner emergency, I cannot stress this enough: CHANGE YOUR FILTER! Check your filter! Nothing is more stressful than an air-conditioning failure on a hot summer day. Adjust your thermostat and maintain set points (like 72 degrees) for at least 8 hours in order to save about 10% on your energy bills. If your space does not have central air, then provide fans and make sure they’re in working condition. A ceiling fan that is set counterclockwise can help cool the room. 

Summer bedding

Change out that heavy winter comforter for a more comfortable cotton that creates less discomfort for your guests. Choose natural fibers that are light in weight (skip the sateen and silk sheets-they trap heat) and go for the 300-400 thread count. Light colored bedding is easy to wash and cooler on the skin.

Window cleaning/screen doors

Some guests may prefer fresh air, especially at night, and you will want to make sure you have your screens in place to prevent bugs from entering. Check for holes and tears in your screens, make sure they’re properly in place, and give the windowsill a good cleaning. I usually take this time to wash the blinds as well (my trick: wear an old sock over your hand like a glove and wipe each section individually). 

Beach towels

Bonus points if you can offer chairs, beach toys, umbrellas, and sunscreen to your guests. They really appreciate the effort, and it allows for more luggage space and souvenirs!