4 Reasons Why You Should Host on AirBnB


If someone said I would buy my first home in October and then place it on AirBnb as a rental in July, I probably would have ignored them.  If someone told me I would place my home on AirBnb in July and earn money by the end of December, I would have laughed in their face. How could that be possible? And where do I sign up?! Luckily, the sign-up process is completely free…but there are a few other considerations before choosing to become a host on AirBnb. After careful research and discussions with friends/family, here are some of the factors that affected my decision: 

Financial assistance

While traveling for work may sound glamorous, having to pay rent AND a mortgage is not. Listing my empty townhouse was the most logical way to cover my expenses while living in another city.

By the way: AirBnB creates a source of income that allows the typical middle-class income host to earn an equivalent of 14% annual raise (AirBnB.com). 

Energy and resource conservation

AirBnb has created partnerships with companies that offer homeowners the ability to manage home entry/security and thermostat regulation through smart devices. By decreasing the cost to these types of home modifications, I’m able to afford to make changes that improve the efficiency of my home.  These perks are currently only available to hosts.

Did you know: According to data collected in 2015-2016 by Cleantech Group: AirBnb homes in the U.S. consume 63% less energy than hotels and reduced water consumption equivalent to 1,700 Olympic swimming pools. See other statistics here

Unique opportunities to meet new people

What I love about AirBnb is that it’s a people business. While it requires an internet connection to search and book a reservation, you’re speaking to a real person who wants to create a great experience for you. As a host, I’ve met people from five different countries and 15 states within seven months, all without leaving my couch.  Whether it’s for business or pleasure, hosting brings people from all corners of the globe into my life; an opportunity that I never would have otherwise (at least not in seven months).

Improve your people skills

Before starting this adventure, I lacked experience with negotiation, property management, or the art of hospitality.  I spent countless hours on Google and YouTube learning how to stage rooms and what type of lockbox would work best for multiple renters. Although I tried to anticipate every guest’s need, issues can and will occur. Being able to problem-solve and adapt to last minute changes are two critical traits that you will develop throughout your hosting experience. While I still start to perspire when my AirBnB notifications unexpectedly come through, I can confidently say that I know the name & number of an emergency plumber who accepts Discover cards and will make house calls at 11:30 P.M. 

why you should pack your bags instead...

I’m sure if you spoke with the other million hosts around the world, each of them would list another benefit to hosting. The thought of opening your home to a stranger may be daunting, but the enjoyment of this experience motivates me to continue to share my space with others (the extra money doesn’t hurt, either).  If you decide that hosting is right for you, then use my code when you sign up in order to earn a FREE $40 travel credit when you use AirBnB to book your next destination. Traveling through AirBnb may be a great way to learn how the community works, and it also allows you to see what may or may not work for YOUR hosting experience. Ready to take the plunge??