who, what, when, & why

My name is Kayla and I created this blog, Be Her Guest, based upon my experiences as a host for AirBnB.  I manage two listings, a townhouse in Pittsburgh and bedroom space in Philadelphia, while I travel and work in various cities across the country.  After contemplating and procrastinating my decision, I finally made the jump from traveler to host in early 2016.  It's certainly been an experience, but I've met many different people from around the world and avoided paying for living expenses in two cities (always a plus). 

     The idea for this blog started when I failed to meet my six-month goals that I had set for myself.  I tried to research how to improve my listings but realized that there was not a ton of information on hosting and preparing your listing.  Many of my hospitality tips came from hotel websites, travel blogs, and AirBnB itself.  I wished there was one website where I could find all the information I could possibly want to know about being a host on AirBnB, and thus Be Her Guest was born!  Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned host, I'm sure you can find something to make your listing more unique and profitable. 

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